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Lending Protocols

Crypto Lendings Interest Rates

Lending Protocols Aggregator is the only tool that helps investors increase their passive income and keep abreast of all lending protocols’ changes without having to check each one manually.

AnalytEx displays all DeFi lending protocols data in one table: supply and borrow APY, liquidity, utilization rate, risk score, volume, numbers of borrowers and lenders, and daily income. Data is coming from all possible lending and borrowing opportunities with top DeFi lending protocols like Compound, Venus, ApeSwap, Trader Joe, AAVE, Geist, Iron Bank, and Just Land.

With a clear lending portfolio and configurable alerts, you can always remain in control and manage assets effortlessly.


Network & Smart Contract Stats

AnalytEx charts and explorer is a Business Intelligence solution for blockchain. Blockchain dashboards include real-time network statistics for blocks, transactions, smart contracts, gas prices and consumption, active addresses, and wallets.

Data from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche, Gnosis, and Fantom is presented together on each blockchain chart making it easier to compare the data cross-chain. All data behind Blockchain's charts is available in CSV format and via API.

Crypto Prices

All data is real-time coming directly from blockchain

Crypto prices are the most reliable source of truth for prices and trends of more than 4000 crypto . Users can easily follow cryptocurrency prices, total supply, market cap, trading volume, holders, and other real-time data that is coming directly from various EVM blockchains.

Most of the new tokens are detected automatically, hence the new listing of tokens which is fast and unbiased.

Yield Farming

Real-time yield farming monitoring choose the best pool and stake

Yield Farming Aggregator is a one-stop-shop for all yield farming activities: staking, harvesting rewards, and APY monitoring. Powered by real-time data feeds, AnalytEx displays your rewards, TVL and APR from thousands of farms and pools. It’s possible to stake, claim rewards, search for the most popular and trending farms, or just check the information directly from the application.

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