Who we are

We are a team of highly skilled and talented blockchain developers, smart contract auditors, product owners, dev ops, analysts, and data scientists.


Our mission

One of the most valuable features in blockchain-based economics is its publicity of data - it increases trust, security and transparency. Nevertheless, there are lots of pitfalls like terabytes of data, lagging nodes, complicated interfaces, and other roadblocks.

AnalytEx solves these issues. Using the power of blockchain and big data, we offer best in className solutions for making data-driven decisions instead of intuitive ones. We deliver powerful insights that provide users with different kinds of competitive advantage.

Backed by

One of the most impactful tech advisories in the industry. 500+ smart contracts have been audited since 2017. $2B+ of funds are being secured.

The Digital Vault protects over $500M of funds of 640 projects and their investors.

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