Real-time advanced analytics for DeFi

Most blockchain analytical tools are designed for engineers. AnalytEx is made for everyone.

What is AnalytEx?

AnalytEx is an advanced analytics ecosystem for DeFi 2.0 and beyond.

AnalytEx delivers real time contextual insights on investment opportunities you can trust.

With AnalytEx, you can access valuable insights based on over a billion daily transactions and events carefully processed in real time. We want our users to make data-driven decisions faster than others, as soon as the opportunity appears on the chain.

  • Analytics team in your pocket
  • Incredible flexibility
  • Complex analysis in simple decision
  • UX Accessible to everyone

How it works?

AnalytEx is more than just another way of collecting data.

It uses sophisticated technologies and tools like data mining, AI and predictive analytics models to discover insights and present them in a meaningful way. It gives you context, helps you get more out of your data. Just like that, complex blockchain data becomes open to any user, without the need for a deeper understanding of technology behind it.

  • Blockchains

    All-in-one from Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, xDai

  • Data Sources

    Collecting blockchain and off-chain real time and historical Data

  • Smart Data Processing

    Cleaning, running through the analytical engine and aggregating data

  • Insights

    Instant application in solutions such as Yield Farm Aggregator or Wise Money

  • Simple Decisions

    Simple and flexible tools for easy data driven decisions

Roadmap 2022

Infrastructure Setup
Expansion to new chainsPlatform Enhancements
Premium Subscriptions
Self Service Capabilities
Wise Money
Meta Gems

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Why AnalytEx?

Have you ever looked at a DeFi trend and dreamed of a time machine that can take you 2 days back so that you can buy that asset?

You won't need that time machine, you will have AnalytEx.

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